APP interviews Barbara Schwarz a 3rd time.

Sonntag, 29. November 2009


APP: Hi Barbara, that’s our third interview, correct?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: That is right.

APP: Thanks for granting me another exclusive interview... It’s advancing my career.

BARBARA SCHWARZ (laughs): Glad that I can be of help.

APP: As a reporter, I have the duty to grill my interview partners as Katie Couric did Sarah Palin. This will be no Anna/Chad Decker interview. I‘ll ask you very uncomfortable questions.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Show me what you’ve got.

APP: Let’s start with your photo exposing large feet…


APP: Are you denying having shoe size 9?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Not really but Angela Jolie isn’t denying her shoe size 9.0 neither nor does reporter Hoda Kotb deny her shoe size 9.5. Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis had show size 10 and so does Meredith Vieira and Sigourney Weaver.
Never heard of ?

APP: I thought all women have shoe size 5.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Those women in China who get their feet bandaged and crippled as a result. Actually, my shoe size is not my natural one. Perverted German doctors pulled my feet into the lengths and also broke my nose and other bones after they kidnapped me as child from L. Ron Hubbard. However, I promise all, one day, my boots will walk all over them:

APP: Never mind, sorry for asking. Let’s move on…
You post only on alt.religion.scientology?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: I post on Usenet because is non-moderated. Most other forums on Scientology are monitored by hate mongers against L. Ron Hubbard and my religion Scientology, and I do not like to post in such cultic and robotic places and ask an idiot of a corrupt moderator to please approve my postings.

APP: And they would ban you anyway, wouldn’t they?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: No doubt, they would. They are afraid of the truth and what I have to say, so they would ban me immediately, faster than other friendly Scientologists that they already banned for no other reason but not hating L. Ron Hubbard or Scientology.

APP: Do you read other message boards than alt.religion.scientology?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Rarely - as these sites mainly misinform and spread deliberate lies and are also boring because one or a few persons (the moderators) determine what can be posted there, which means, it is always the same.

APP: But you’re well informed what‘s posted about you outside of alt.religion.scientology?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: I don’t live on another planet and bad news travel fast.

APP: I’ll cut right to the chase. You object to the latest WWP Babble posting…

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Is that a surprise?

APP: Why do people call you Babbles?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Randall Gutierrez aka SirLagsaLot(Intelligence) from Texas once in the Texas National Guard who admitted to having stolen 1000 pounds of dog food despite he got no dog came up with this derogatory name and other primitive people use it also against me. What they are trying to imply is that I would be unable to express myself clearly or that what I am saying makes no sense, etc. that I would “babble” but that rather applies to them than to me.

APP: Who is Scarff?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: He is the criminal bozo with the wig on the He stalked me badly in the past, even made death threats and other threats against me and lies now as “Smurf” in anti-Scientology forums…

APP: Is that his birth certificate? Says his name is Gary Lynn Scarff, yet people call him Garry…

BARBARA SCHWARZ: He goes by all kind of names, Gary, Garry, Gerald, the list is long and if I would name all his sock puppets that he had and still uses on Usenet or elsewhere, including those with which he forged me, it would take days or weeks to list it all up.

APP: What’s his problem?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: He is a disturbed NOBODY and a chronical lair who tries to gain attention by defaming and stalking me. He is gay, fat, poor, disturbed, and lonely, and that’s apparently my fault. I heard that he is on psychiatric drugs and blames whatever horrible thing he does on his psychiatric drugs. He is using the drugs to justify his abusive behavior. These drugs indeed do not make that lunatic better. He is also harassing his neighbors beyond belief.

APP: Do you believe the RFW? The also created a webpage on Marty Rathbun.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: The RFW should add to their pages that there were two Marty Rathbun’s in Scientology and that their page is not on the first Marty Rathbun…

APP: Who is the man you love?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Who is the good and innocent man who I love and try to find again, exactly.

APP: But they did a good job on Scarff?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Before the RFW published these pages on Scarff, I had done my private research on him and it pretty much confirm what the RFW webbed later on Scarff. He is not just trying to destroy Scientology, he causes troubles for all kinds of employers, landlords, tenants, and religious communities. Scarff is nothing but pain for anybody. The best advice is to keep him as far away as possible.

APP: Have you ever met him?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Heaven no! The last thing that I have on my mind is ever wanting to meet Scarff except in a court of law to see him sentences to a hard labor camp for the rest of his years. That will help him to get a handle on his obesity about who he whines.

APP: He’s sick?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Look at him. I am sure he is. He posted that he is HIV positive and obese and he sits all day in his transient room and is popping pills. However, some other people are sick too and they do not defame, harass and stalk people who never anything bad to them. Scarff attacked me one day out of the blue on alt.religion.scientology and never stopped. Now he is afraid of the consequences and lies that he did not post on that newsgroup for 10 years despite there are hundreds of witnesses who knows that he is a liar and that he still posts, harasses, and defames on that very message board.

APP: How can you prove that’s him?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: With a court order, his ISPs will provide the lists of his postings. Garry Scarff lies that I have no friends but he is the one who has none. He sits all day alone in his little transient room in Los Angeles that has not even a stove, and posts horrendous lies about good people. He is so unpopular even among other critics that he can’t go by his own name and has to make up other names. The only people who fall for his lies are the clueless new folks on WWP.

APP: How do you know that he got no stove?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Because I know his exact address in Los Angeles but unlike he, I never published his address. However, I did sent the police to him after the posted death threats against me. Scarff should be behind bars, because he is a criminal. He lied being Jewish and his mother being Jewish despite his birth certificate says that his mother was Estelle Nadine Cox and born in Missouri and his father was Merritt Lynn Scarff from Iowa. Scarff himself was born in Iowa, in August 1956. He sued the UCLA lying that his Syrian boss would target him being a Jew despite Scarff just claimed to be a Jew to extort money from the university.

APP: Did he get money from the UCLA?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Probably. I think the UCLA failed to put an investgator on that fraud named Scarff. He also sued the Catholic church because they did not accept him in their priest seminary.

APP: Scarff wanted to become a Catholic priest?

Barbara Schwarz: Is that a surprise? A perverted gay man wanting to join the Catholic Church as priest? Hitler wanted to become a priest too.

APP: Okay, okay, got your point…

BARBARA SCHWARZ: He was also a member of gay church WOHE and the Episcopal Church who has a gay congregation and he tried to get in the Mormon Church, the Church of Scientology and probably in many other churches too but not because he is religious but because he tries to find gay sex partners there and wants to bring religions down.

APP: How did he get into Scientology?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: He admitted that he never was a Scientologist but it appears that Mike Rinder worked with him despite it takes just once glance to see that Garry Scarff is covertly hostile and never should have set a foot into Scientology org.

APP: Where is Mike Rinder now?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: He left the Church of Scientology.

APP: To be with Garry Scarff?

BARBARA SCHWARZ (laughs): I don’t think so.
Anonymous does not know much about Scientology and they suck in all the stuff that Scarff feeds them with his socks. They probably never heard that Scarff made death threats even against other Scientology critics. They are the only people who fall for his lies, because the old timers on alt.religion.scientology know him too well.

APP: Is he disabled?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: If you call fat disabled, then he probably is. I know how to cure the criminal bum by sentencing him to a labor camp where he can work off his 200 pounds overweight fat and that would end his whining and that he is entitled to workmen compensation. Scarff is not disabled enough to harass his neighbors or sit on his computer and defame and stalk me, and him being “disabled” didn’t stop him from attacking another Scientologist physically or to from threatening them.

APP: Did you ever e-mail him?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: No, never! But he lies that I did so. By saying that he got mail from me he is trying to gain importance. He forged me often. Once he opened e-mail accounts with my name and e-mailed and probably still e-mails other people with my name crazy e-mails to make them think that I am mailing that crazy stuff. I really want this man behind bars.

APP: Are you sure that he did that?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Absolutely. He posted also many times with my name on Usenet and possibly in other forums. One day, a reporter of the First Amendment Center emailed to Scarff thinking it would be my e-mail account that he found on the net, asking me for an interview. Opening e-mail accounts in my name is such a criminal act by Scarff. The criminal bum had access to my private affairs by pretending to be me. And then he wonders when I file complaints about him to the authorities? What a retard! He also e-mailed me with with name Marty Rathbun a “disconnection order” and a photo of somebody showing the finger.

APP: Do you really think he’ll be arrested?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Absolutely, he’ll retire behind bars. Scarff was lucky that the officers who investigated him were lame and failed to add all his crimes together. He lied constantly under oath and during depositions, a German camera crew paid him to lie, and he did, he fabricated stories to harm others, he was paid to kidnap people, he lied to Milwaukee Journal reporter Jacquelyn Mitchard that his dad died in Jonestown while his father was alive and well in Florida, and the paper The Chicago Defender reported on November 25, 1991 that Scarff had made that all up to get money and fame. Even his own father said that his son Gary Scarff is a liar. And now he is trolling Anonymous.

APP: Do you really think they believe him?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: They do. The Smurf postings and likely lots of other posting IDs on WWP are by Garry Scarff and anonymous idiots reply to him and are buying his white trash lies. Anonymous consists mainly of really dumb people.

APP: Are you still talking about the “Babbles-thread“?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Yes, that one and other threads, in which he defames me as wrenched sociopath, wacko, delusional, whack job, kook, schizo, and other insult, and he is accusing on what he is. I am aware that Scarff runs more sock puppets on WWP, ARS and other forums but some are indeed other posters and they are not smart enough to figure out who Scarff really is and how he trolls them.

APP: I read the Scarff/Smurf postings. He says he made no postings on alt.religion.scientology within a decade…

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Lying is all he does. The LAPD has the evidence in their files that he is lying about having not posted on ARS for a decade. He committed so many crimes against me on ARS, that he is afraid now that they catch up on him big time, and they will.

APP: Did you claim that he is the Oberscharführer in the German Nazi Secret Service and answers directly to Uncle Adolf?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Of course not, it is another lie by him but he admitted himself that Germans paid him to lie.

APP: Scarff says that you claim that the real Marty Rathbun would be held hostage at the secret underwater submarine base beneath the Great Salt Lake in Utah…

BARBARA SCHWARZ: That is probably his Billionth lie. He knows very well that I posted that I think that the original Mark Rathbun in Scientology, (who is not the Marty Rathbun in Texas), was wrongfully arrested in Spain on November 21, 1988 but not that he is held prisoner in an underwater base but in an official governmental prison. By now, almost 3000 people read Scarff’s anonymous lies on WWP about me. They all being lied to, they all would have a case against Scarff because he deliberately lies into any reader’s face without the slightest conscience.

APP: Scarff says you claim having been raised by L. Ron at this underwater submarine base in a huge mansion that had glass ceilings and you and L. Ron would often gaze up at the roof and watch the whales, sharks, octopuses and porpoises swim by…

BARBARA SCHWARZ: That is what I mean, Anonymous are idiots to believe that man. Scarff knows that I grew up in Germany and there is nothing but tiny shrimps in the Great Salt Lake. He is lying to Anonymous and anybody else who is so dumb to read WWP.

APP: Poster “RightOn” wants to add you to the list of ex-Scientologists. Why did you object?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Because I am no ex-Scientologist. That list is ridiculous, false, and misleading. A large number on this list are still practicing Scientologists and others were never Scientologists but infiltrators. More than 30.000 people klicked on this ridiculous list and are forgetting that even if Scientology would have just 50.000 active member worldwide, the list of 801 people who have spoken out is in comparison a very very small number. 801 out of very conservatively assumed 50.000 active Scientologists worldwide (and approx. half the 801or even more still practice Scientology) are mainly objecting to David Misvavige’s management and not objecting to Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard.

APP: Anonymous We Are Legion wants to feed you to the Chans. Would that bother you?

BARBARA SCHWARZ (laughs): He is too late as that happened already a long time ago. They lie about me and defame me on their perverted Encyclopedia Dranatica with link to the worst anti-Semitic dirt on the web. They gained nothing except the reputation of being Nazis.

APP: Who is Koos?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Another one of my defamers who I never met. Two of his daughters died under suspicious circumstances, and I find that Dutch man extremely creepy who once tried to infiltrate a Scientology org. It is a typical German secret service strategy to have their posting agents and trolls mentioning names of people who have nothing in common in the same postings. By trying to position me with a man who is suspected by many having had something to do with the murder of two of his daughters and who writes crazy and wrongful essays about L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology, people should associate me with this horrible person. I do have a legal claim against anybody who ever tried to pull that thing. They do it deliberately to undermine my credibility.

APP: Some people want to put you on a victims list.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: These people are victims of liars as Scarff. I am not a victim, I am great survivor. I am a lot more stable than my attackers, stalkers and defamers. Many of my defamers are taking drugs, are alcoholics or on welfare. I am none of that.

APP: Heard a rumor that you inherited money and invested it…

BARBARA SCHWARZ: I’m not discussing my finances with you.

APP: Smurf posted that you are a known whack job before you walked into a Scilon org in Germany.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: What is a Scilon org? He didn’t knew me before Scientology, he didn’t knew me on staff in Scientology and he didn’t knew me later. He doesn’t know me at all and he never met me. We never had any e-mail exchange, no phone call, nothing. The criminal liar defames somebody, he doesn’t know at all. Scarff who posts as Smurf and AngryGayPope and many other abusive sock puppets twists things around. Scarff is the one who was prescribed psychiatric drugs and is diagnosed as mentally ill not me.

APP: Does you family support you?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Only with love not with money.

APP: He said that you were arrested in Utah.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Nothing easier than proving that this is another of Scarff’s despicable lies. Contact all law enforcement agencies in Utah. All jails, prisons, holding stations, correctional facilities. They will tell you that I never was arrested. Scarff is a disturbed liar.

APP: He said you filed complaints against him in numerous states.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Garbage. That is what this man wants, lots of my and other people’s attention. I knew that he lived in a little room without cooking possibilities in Los Angeles and was before in Portland, Oregon. I pulled strings on him in Orgeon and filed my complaints against him where he lived at the time when he made the forgeries and the death threats against me and this was Los Angeles, CA and that was all of it. There was no reason for me to file complaints to states in which that bum never lived.

APP: He posted that the LAPD ignored your complaint.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: No, they did not. They paid him a visit. He made death threats and other threats against me and LAPD confronted him. After that event, Scarff began to vanish officially from alt.religion.scientology but continued his stalker and defamation activities but more covertly. He should be arrested and I am confident that he will be.

APP: He says that OSA bots Charlie Earl and Kirsten Caetano have admitted to enjoying leading you on and encouraging you to attacks him and other critics.
BARBARA SCHWARZ: I do not attack anybody. I do not post against people who does not stalk and defame me and who do not deny my rights. I never heard of Charlie Earl and Kirsten Caetano, I am not in contact with any OSA people.
APP: Where is this coming from?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: From Garry Scarff’s disturbed mind. He is getting psychiatric treatment and is on psychiatric drugs and probably e-shocked too. Ask his landlord and all of his neighbors. He is a guy with extremely lose screws and he twists it around and says that I have HIS problems, which I don’t. My neighbors think the world of me.

APP: He says you are on welfare for many years.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: One time he says I am an illegal alien, the other time he says I live on welfare. He is completely contradictory. Again, I was never on welfare at any time in my life in any country on Earth.
Check the welfare offices in my town yourself. Scarff is a lazy bum not me. The latest that I heard is that he managed to sneak employment with a Jewish law firm in Beverly Hills as secretary but the disturbed bum that he is, he didn’t work for his money and it seems that they fired him. Scarff tries to be represented by attorney Rob Henning and Allan H. Cutler in Los Angeles and they better check him out first before they represent this liar in court against that Jewish law firm or any other employer that Scarff tries to extort. Scarff probably lied to the Jewish law firm too that he would be Jewish, which he is not. Looks to me that he tries the same stunt as he did with UCLA, suing them for damages instead of working for money…

APP: Does Scientology pay you?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Not one cent. But back to Scarff, he is too dumb for anything. Scarff is a loser and all those Anonymous who support him and listen to him are just as stupid.

APP: He says that you published your own address…

BARBARA SCHWARZ: I did not publish my address ever on the Internet. Martin Ottmann, a German cyber abuser published my address on the Internet to harass me. Garry Scarff took this harassment over when Ottmann allegedly retired from harassing me.

APP: Tazor doubts that you were ever a Scilon and he asked Scarff to tell him that the German CoS president crap can't be true… Wants to know what you did in Scientology... Half a comm course followed by multiple locationals?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: What is a Scilon? I am not a Scilon but a Scientologist. There you see what retards they are. Of course I was the President. Why would anybody with just one brain cell ask notorious liar Scarff who doesn’t even know me nor my past who has to fabricate to get some attention ? HELLO! Anybody who came in contact with this bum found out that he does nothing but lying and defaming, not just lying to Scientologists but also reporters, critics, lawyers, governments, you name it. Even his own father said that his son Gary Scarff is a liar.

APP: WTF posted that Steve Fishman recently sent him a message saying that you and Gary Scarff were twins separated at birth.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: What an insult. It rather seems that Steve Fishman is Garry Scarff’s twin because Fishman is a notorious liar too and a felon. Fishman was indicted on September 23, 1988 in the Northern District of California on 11 counts of mail fraud and phony claims made in securities class action lawsuits. On January 1989, Fishman was indicted in the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida, case no. 89-6018 on two counts of obstruction of Justice...

APP: Etain thinks he might have a chance meeting you…

BARBARA SCHWARZ: In his dreams! Why would I want to meet idiots who believe notorious liars? WTF posters have one thing in common and that is a very low IQ.
APP: Moonbatshitfag wrote that years ago, he gave up arguing with you because it would be easy to troll you.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Mind the primitive poster’s name. As I would lower myself and argue with primitive zoo habitants like that. They make it all up.

APP: Stuwyatt says he feels sorry for you as you would be mentally ill.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: These guys are bums living like transients, unable to handle money, fired by their employers, they are alcoholics or on psychiatric drugs or both and then they lie that their problems would me mine! If I would be mentally ill, I would be like them.

APP: AngryGayPope1 wrote that you were a "President" for 8 months of a fledging org in Munich, that you were not the "President of Scientology in Germany" and that you served a post that no one else wanted at the time and that your real name would be Barbette Schwarz.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: I compared the writing style and figured that Scarff is also the AngryGayPope. He supports his own postings with other posting IDs. Pathetic. He doesn’t know anything about me or my life in Germany. I was the elected President of the Church of Scientology Germany for approx. 1 and ½ years but when I suspected my org to be infiltrated by non-Scientologists, the non-Scientologists violated the laws and kicked me out of the orgs without a membership assembly as required by the law.

APP: What was the name of that org?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: There was no org by the name Scientology Church Munich. The name was Scientology Kirche Deutschland e.V., which means Church of Scientology Germany, registered association.

APP: Church of Scientology Germany not Church of Scientology Munich?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Yes, Church of Scientology Germany not Munich and Scarff is lying through his rotten teeth as always. C of S Germany was the biggest org in Germany, located in Munich. I had over hundred staff members most of them working fulltime. I did not just handle the external affairs of my own org but also those of all other orgs and missions in Germany.

APP: Is your first name Barbette?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: No. There is nothing but lies on WWP. My first name is Barbara. Never heard of the name Barbette. If you do not believe me, order the registration papers from the C of S Germany from the German government and see for yourself.

APP: Is the Church of Scientology Germany a Sea Org?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: No, a Class IV org. But I was also a Sea Org member, I made RTC missions, I worked at Folo EU in Copenhagen as External Affairs Project in charge and handled all legal problems for Germany, Swiss, The Netherlands and Austria, all orgs, all missions. It was a tough job but I did great.

APP: Is it a rumor that you were on the boards of all Sea Org Reserves?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: That is no rumor. Two Scientologists were on these Sea Org reserve boards. Two women, and one of them was me. The third person was a lawyer. You see, WWP poster knows nothing.

APP: AngryGayPope says that you have been in & out of mental institutions in Utah and that you even sued several of them to get copies of her records & what psychiatrists written about her.. to no avail.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: I never saw a Utah mental institution from the inside. I never asked for any psychiatric patient records because there are no psychiatric patient records on me. Scarff makes no sense because under the law, patient records must be turned over to the patient. If I would have been a patient in a mental or other hospital, they are required to hand the records over to the patient. The best way to see what a horrendous liar Scarff is to contact all mental hospitals in Utah and ask if I ever was a patient there. I was not. Scarff is the mental patient and psychiatrists medicate this loon instead turning him over to law enforcement for his criminal acts.

APP: Did you steal pralines?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Another desperate Scarff lie. Of course not.

APP: Where you convicted and arrested, placed on a 3 years probation with a $ 60 fine?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Of course not. Check with the Utah authorities, and you will see that Scarff does nothing but lying.

APP: AngryGayPope says that the mental health system is not set up to house crazies on a full time basis.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Nonsense again. Utah has numerous mental health institutions, fulltime for people like Scarff. WWP’s threads are nothing but lies. And there are also Magoo-posting…

APP: Magoo was banned from WWP.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Guess, her fellow Scientology critics forge her then. Wait, let me read that strange posting: “There is a possible solution to moon battery of BS, it'd be a one-way ticket to Marty's doorstep. To me it'd be like soooo [sic] much justice XP [sic] (a reunion film would be worth weight in Marcabian Zorks [sic] imho [sic]) (and Gary would breathe easier too [sic] lol) :D” What on Earth is wrong with that person?

APP: She wants you to have a one way ticket to Marty’s doorstep…

BARBARA SCHWARZ: She means a one way ticket to Mr. Texas who is not the original Marty Rathbun and who is not my Marty. She thinks that I will be moonbattered at Mr. Texas’ doorstep and that will be justice and a possible solution to make Garry Scarff feel better?

APP: Err… bit hard to figure…

BARBARA SCHWARZ: They have all lose screws at WWP, that’s for sure. I do not need anybody to pay my trips and I have enough money to travel anywhere I want…

APP: Do you work from 8 am to 5 am?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: No, I don’t. I postulate the money that I need.

APP: Come again…

BARBARA SCHWARZ: All the money that I need comes my way.

APP: Sounds like inheritance invested into stock market. In what did you invest? Gold? Google? Oil?


APP: What?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Just kidding. Let’s get back to my poor and desperate defamers who can‘t afford an apartment with a stove. My loser defamers constantly repeat that Scientology would create losers but Scientologists are successful. I had hard times after I fled Germany to the USA because had no papers to get a job but by now, I sure have a lot more money in the bank than they do.

APP: You make me want to invest in soymilk. Would you ever make a donation to WWP or Wikipedia?

BARBARA SCHWARZ (laughs): When hell freezes over.

APP: Didn’t knew that a person can get affluent through soymilk investments…

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Poster Magoo wants me to reunite with Mr. Texas despite he says he doesn’t know me… He has a new wife named Monique and he is not my Marty. And why would me being at the doorstep of Mr. Texas make Scarff breathe easier?
If he wants to breath easier, he just should discontinue his crimes against me and should go on a diet. Really, Scarff should not breath easier, he should breath in prison for his crimes against me. And how can there be a reunion between Mr. Texas when we never have met before? What justice is she talking about?
They all are nuts…

APP: WellSeason wants to call you…

BARBARA SCHWARZ (laughs): …and pretend that she is Marty's new wife and she finds it “funny“ to make me go crazy. I find it funny that these lunatics think that I would go crazy if Monique or somebody would call me. I would wish her all the best with her man and would ask her to make him tell me where my husband is, the original Marty. I have no intention to steal Monique’s man or wanting anybody but the original Marty, my Marty. - Magoo is a fool hoping for some cat fight. Her suggestion to web a phone call with the alleged Monique and I on YouTube does violate laws. It is illegal to tape and publish a phone talk if not both parties agree. She says my phone number can be found “under” in Salt Lake City. Private phone numbers are not in the yellow pages… They are in the white pages.

APP: Smurf posted your phone number…

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Smurf is Scarff and that is not more my phone number. After I was harassed by Usenet posters at 2 am in the morning, I decided to get a new one, unlisted.

APP: Moonbatshitfag suggested to make a posting on alt.religion.scientology to get your phone number.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: What a retard. As I have not already enough stalkers and would post my phone number to be stalked even more.

APP: Scarff says you claim that he mindcontrols people.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Nonsense and another lie. He is an insignificant little bum who can’t control even himself. He posted that the woman trying to pretend being Monique should tell me that her favorite Nazi agent sent her. I believe Scarff considers himself being “my favorite Nazi agent”. Those drugs that he is taking sure are showing.

APP: Moonbatshitfag wants somebody at your door naked saying that Marty sent him.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: It is called sexual harassment. And good luck appearing naked in public in Utah. He would arrested. They are so dumb on WWP.

APP: Ogsonofgroo suggested that either the fake or the real Marty should take you to dinner…

BARBARA SCHWARZ: They are all crazy because the original Marty will not report to them when taking me to dinner. Tazor really believes that I am a mental patient like Garry Scarff, his mentor. It is unbelievable how stupid WWP posters are.

APP: Do you understand WWP humor? Nameless posted that you need to be poked with a stick a bit for WWP amusement.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Lies and defamation is not amusing. They are dumb animals who are not remotely funny.

APP: Who photoshopped that Badongo bunny?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Neal Warren aka Gregory Hall. It is a violation of my copyrights. He photoshopped my face on a bunny body.

APP: Who is that guy?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: He lives in Islamorada, Florida on a little yellow boat named Cut the Mustard. He is an obsessed Christian who wants me to become his helpmate/slave and cut my hair and dye it bleach blonde.

APP: Now you are kidding me...

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Not at all. He lies and forges like Scarff but he is not gay. Neal Warren is a real pain in the neck. He is one of the worst stalker and liars on the net. He is a Baptist from Islamorada, and the Commandment that Christians shall not lie means nothing to him. He is the worst hypocrite one can imagine. He is into horrible sexist stuff that he found in the Bible. He really thinks that women have less rights than men because the Bible says so. He is like a Christian Taliban man. As if God would be a sexist... And he can't imagine that people and not God wrote this book. I rejected him, and he turned into a cyber defamer and stalker who posts lies about me almost on a daily basis.

But Barbara Graham aka Xenubarb is a liar too by posting on WWP that she would be me and that my face in bunny photo would be hers. She really is getting desperate.

APP: Scarff says that you are also Greg Hall and that you would have multiple personalities to fit your multiple delusions.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: There is not one person on alt.religion.scientology who does not know that Greg Hall is not me. You can ask Monica Pignotti, Peach, Andrew Robertson, John Dorsey, Husk, even Peter Schilte, and Eldon Braun and all of them and more will tell you that Greg Hall is a Christian and a sexist who is looking for love in all the wrong places. Greg Hall is Neal Warren. The last is his real name. An he is looking for a female slave, a sex object who has no rights and lives under horrible condition with him on his little boat without sanitary equipment.
Scarff insults me also with German Nazi propaganda “SIEG HEIL!!”. What a disgrace to the human race he is.

APP: Nameless does not really believe that you are Hall but she just enjoys the rumor.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: WWP might be the biggest snakepit on the entire net. She wants that somebody buys me a (one way) plane ticket to visit “Marty“. Gosh, they sure mean a trip to Mr. Texas as they never would support me finding the original Marty. And why just a one way ticket? They all hate me, if they just want me go there with a one way ticket, it would be a real trap for me to go there… And as I said, I am sure that I have a lot more money than they do and can do whatever I want with it. These bum could never afford to buy a plane ticket not even a Greyhound ticket for me and besides, who needs money? Not me.

APP: They might be all new to soymilk investments.
You should let them in how to make money with the right stocks.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: They are the losers not I. And corrupt people don’t deserve my help.

APP: Do you appreciate the Sponge Operation Clambake art about you on WWP?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: You call that “art”? I call it defamation trash. My world is classy. They are primitive.

APP: Anon 123456 thinks you are a troll.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: A guy who posts with Anon123456 calls me a troll who posts with her real name. That’s grand.

APP: Nameless says you are crazy because you think L. Ron Hubbard would be still alive.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Not with his body that he once had but as thetan, yes of course, he is still alive. We Scientologists all believe that thetans come back as new born babies and grow up from there. Nothing crazy about reincarnation.
APP: Err… Is that big black dog outside yours?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: No, the neighbor’s but the dog doesn’t know it. He’ll eat any criminal, trying to get to me.

APP: Makes me feel uncomfortably… He looks straight at me.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Don’t look him in the eyes, try to ignore him.

APP: Anon123456 said you got some chest pain and died in a local hospital…

BARBARA SCHWARZ: It is really difficult to determine who the bigger liar and nut is on WWP. Tazor continued the rumor that I died. And from there, it goes on and on and on. One lie supports the other.

APP: Tazor says that Emma would kill her if you would start posting on ESMB.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: As I said, I am not interested posting on moderated message boards and particularly not on message boards run by people as Michelle Sterling, former Ryan who hides behind the name Emma and other names. Her board is the same libel machine like WWP and Operation Clambake the Message Board that Andreas Heldal-Lund operates. He allowed forged postings with my name to be published on OCMB. They are lawless people, and Michelle Sterling might be already in deep legal troubles having conspired to hack down the RFW website. My intelligent and law abiding postings does not fit in the forums that are operated by lawless lying idiots.

APP: Smurf posted that you e-mailed him on November 20 calling him a Nazi.

BARBARA SCHWARZ: I never mailed Scarff one word in all the years he is harassing, stalking and defaming me. He is gay but apparently not that gay that he does not want mail from me. He mentioned e-mail address That is not my e-mail address. It is Scarff opened e-mail accounts under my name and tricked others, even a reporter thinking that his e-mail account is mine.

APP: That’s one big scary dog… Why isn’t he muzzled?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: And the dirt on WWP continues! JohnnyRUClear posts with the Nazi flag and suggests he needs to close his windows four states away from me so that I don’t crawl in his windows. Why on Earth would I want to come close to these lunatics? These people have no idea how appalled I am of them and that I never would associate with one of them.

APP: You made it quite clear, WWP never gets a soybean from you. Thanks for the interview. - How do I get past that big dog?

BARBARA SCHWARZ: Just leave the house, get in your car and ignore the dog… Don’t you see, somebody is holding him on a leash.

APP: Yeah, somebody half the size of the dog! Bye, Barbara, see ya next time…

BARBARA SCHWARZ (laughs): Get him, Pluto, get him! He asked too many nasty questions.